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Career delays expected for Highways and Infrastructure Engineers

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I travelled into the city the other day, not the one in London, but Manchester; centre of the Northern Power house.

I endured the journey on Northern Rails, ever so slow and uncomfortable low-speed very old pacer train or as we all now know; what is actually a bus on rail boogies.

The previous day Network rail had announced that the much publicised Improvements to various parts of the network connecting the northern cities were to be once again delayed.

Today I have just stumbled across this article on the Guardian on Line with the astonishing and sobering headline:

“London gets 24 times as much spent on infrastructure per resident than north-east England”.

The article outlines the alarming size of the investment gap between London and the rest of England and highlights new analysis showing how Crossrail alone is earmarked to receive nine times more funding than all the rail projects from the North’s three regions.

When you consider all the pages printed in the run up to the general election on how unfair the Barnett formula was on English voters, then surely this is a case of blatant hypocrisy.

But how does this under investment effect engineers based in the North?

Are career opportunities affected?

Has your career been marshalled into a siding as a result of this bias?

As for me, I am simply extremely annoyed!

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