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Highways and Traffic

​Welcome to Wilde Recruitment: Your Premier Highways and Traffic Engineering Recruitment Partner

About Us

Wilde Recruitment proudly stands as a distinguished leader in Highways and Traffic Engineering Recruitment, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in sourcing top-tier engineering talent since our inception in 2001.

Extensive Industry Knowledge

With a deep understanding of the Highways and Traffic Engineering sector, Wilde Recruitment is equipped to meet the diverse staffing needs of clients across various domains within this field.

Specialized Engineering Roles

We specialize in recruiting engineers for a wide range of roles within the Highways and Traffic Engineering sector, including but not limited to:

- Highway Engineers

- Traffic Engineers

- Transport Planners

- Road Safety Engineers

- Infrastructure Engineers

- Urban Designers

- Civil Engineers

- Environmental Engineers

Client Diversity

Our client portfolio spans a spectrum of organizations, including:

- Government Agencies and Departments responsible for infrastructure development and transportation management

- Engineering Consultancies specializing in transportation planning and infrastructure design

- Construction and Development Companies engaged in road and highway projects

- Urban Planning and Development Authorities focusing on enhancing traffic flow and urban mobility

- Transportation Authorities overseeing public transit systems and road networks

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

At Wilde Recruitment, we understand the unique demands of the Highways and Traffic Engineering sector. Our dedicated team works closely with clients to deliver tailored recruitment solutions that align with their specific project requirements, deadlines, and budgetary constraints.

Proven Track Record

With a proven track record of successful placements and long-term partnerships, Wilde Recruitment has earned the trust and confidence of both clients and candidates alike.

Reach out to Wilde Recruitment today to explore how our unrivaled expertise and industry insights can fulfill your recruitment needs and propel your career forward in the dynamic world of Highways and Traffic Engineering. Let us be your premier recruitment partner in building the roads and transportation systems of tomorrow.