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Will additional funds pledged for Northern Powerhouse materialise?

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Chancellor George Osborne has claimed to be making the biggest effort for 50 years to close the north-south divide as he made a series of announcements recently to further his “Northern Powerhouse” plan.

Transport for the North, the new body which has been set up to improve links across the region, has had its £10m a year budget extended from three years to five.

Following the spending review authorities in the north are demanding that a higher percentage of the extra money earmarked for transport and infrastructure is spent on better connecting its big cities.

However: despite all trumpet blowing of the Northern Powerhouse it is being reported that the Northern cities, will have to fight for their share of funding for the big ticket project the proposed new line between Leeds and Manchester, dubbed High Speed 3 with the proposed development of Crossrail 2 in London 

(Bounds/Tighe) Financial times 26th November 2015