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Sellafield - £4.5bn construction programme

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Sellafield seeks four firms for £4.5bn spend

It has been reported that Sellafield Ltd has formally invited firms to bid for four key partner roles to deliver a £4.5bn construction programme.

The four successful programme and project partners will work alongside Sellafield’s in-house engineers in integrated teams over the next 20 years

This collaborative model will be used to deliver the huge works programme.

It is understood that the selected firms will work together to deliver three initial major projects.
The SPRS Retreatment Plant, SIXEP Contingency Plant and Replacement Analytical Project, together estimated at £1bn – £1.7bn).

Further major projects in the pipeline still need more detailed project definition and are valued at £1.9bn-2.8bn.

Sellafield projects director Steve Livingstone, said: “This is a hugely important step for Sellafield Ltd – it is a game change for the way we deal with our supply chain. “Instead of procuring supply chains for each major project, we’ll establish a new project delivery environment based upon long term relationships with selected partners, developing closer working practices on the way.”


Acknowledgements: Theconstructionenquirer