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Happiest & Saddest UK Professions

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Helene Kinsler Permanent, Contract

The happiest & saddest UK professions


Plumbers top the list of the happiest professionals; and those in advertising are the most miserable in their roles.


With the focus on workplace well being increasing year on year, more workers are now wary about the impact their job has on their health and work/life balance. A job without stress is probably non-existent, and a little stress can be a good thing.

According to a recent survey undertaken by Boundless, Plumbers are the happiest professionals in the UK with 55% stating they are “very happy in life”. Following close behind are builders, with 38% rating themselves happy.

The unhappiest were those in roles in customer services and the advertising business with 42% stating they are “unhappy in life”. Lawyers came out badly too with 28% saying that they were unhappy. Clearly all the chasing of PPI and accident claims is taking its toll.

Engineers are not mentioned in the survey either for being happy or unhappy. So perhaps we can assume that Engineers are generally simply content in their lives. Well paid, respected with a good work, life balance.  

Recruitment consultants are also not mentioned, which considering the vitriol in the media including LinkedIn, is some what surprising.   Maybe “Recruiters” have simply developed thick skins!

Ian Holmes, director of Boundless, suggested that being your own boss plays a part in happiness; which may be the reason that plumbers, builders and property developers were high on the list.
Considering the high numbers in engineering who work freelance; we may have expected them to be in the happiest group.

Interestingly enough, plumbers were also high on the list for quality of sleep and physical activity.
64% of plumbers also suggested they tried new experiences, which the report suggests is a good indicator of; Ones Well Being.  

However, the report does not go into detail what these new experiences are; but, if they are anything like my plumber mate Geoff, then it’s likely to be something simple, like trying a new lager or flavour of crisps down our local pub.


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Acknowledgement: Recruitment Grapevine Magazine