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Relocate for that perfect job?


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Would you be willing to relocate for that perfect job?

8 in 10 Millennials would!

According to a recent survey, the millennial generation of workers are using their skillset to allow them to work from anywhere, and are deliberately developing transferable skills to enable this.

As “The Proclaimers” would say – “I would walk 10,000 miles” – 81% are willing to relocate up to 4,000 miles just for that perfect job.
However, it’s not sun, sea and sand that’s pushing them to an unfamiliar place; it’s the fact that they want a different approach to business and they think that by relocating it provides them with the opportunity to challenge themselves out of their comfort zones.

The research found that, by the age of 25, most modern “Brits” are already feeling their office-based careers have reached a dead end, and 32% consider moving abroad to restart their careers.”
Another reason for jetting off is the ambition 71% have, of working for themselves within the next 5 years.

Norris Koppel, CEO and founder of the research company, Monese, commented :
“With modern day advances in technology, there is no longer a need for working life to involve being present in one place, town, or even country. Young people want to be able to travel, see the world and live independently of geographical restraints, whilst still developing as a professional and offering their brilliant expertise to businesses across the world."

So, let’s not allow the Millennials to have all the fun. Whatever your age; why not think about re-location and rejuvenation of your career and lifestyle.
You could consider swapping overpriced and overcrowded London for the South West or North. Or maybe if your family has grown up and flown the nest; you might want to go the other way and try out city living in London, Manchester or Glasgow.
And for the really adventurous there is always the prospect of trying another country.

After all the world is so accessible now, we are all just a plane/car/train ride away!!
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Acknowledgements: Recruitmentgrapevine  11/06/18