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Have you implemented your Heatwave Plan/Policy

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Have you Implemented your Heatwave Plan/Policy?


Summer is technically a couple of months away, and yet we are at present basking in a heatwave. So, do we each have a plan in place to help protect us from the sun, or are we all just going to enjoy it whilst it lasts, because the inevitable will happen come Bank Holiday weekends when the rain, grey skies and wind will return!

The word “Heatwave” often has positive connotations, something to be welcomed, and we can all become “Kill Joys” if we get carried away with plans. Many people positively relish in the hot weather and find their sense of health and wellbeing improving during the summer months, but for some it can be uncomfortable hot and make them unwell. Particularly the elderly, those “at risk” groups, and pets.

So a possible heatwave plan will be:

  • Keep Hydrated – particularly those of you on site, in the open, wearing your PPE – it can get hot under that Hard Hat!
  • Manoeuvre furniture so that it isn’t positioned in the full glare of the sun, but still able to enjoy the sunshine
  • “Slip, Slop, Slap” – slip on a tee-shirt, slop on that hard hat, and slap on the sun cream.
  • Loose, cool clothing is the order of the day – don’t make personnel wear full suits whilst in an overheated office – relax the rules a little – but leave your flip flops at home - a happy cool employee is more productive than an overheated, high blood pressure employee.
  • Wear sunglasses where possible – protect those eyes (outside only of course)


Above all enjoy the sunshine, be sensible and look out for others.