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Mums' Wisdom!

Mum Knows Best

Helene Kinsler

Could your Mums' wisdom help you be more efficient than your automation tools!!

You could be led to believe in this digital age and time of technology advancement that everything within the work environment has been made easier and more efficient.

But are there things, that we could still learn or embrace from arguably the world’s greatest source of wisdom – our own mothers.

Can we still learn from the way our mothers approached tasks and the things they said? Little pearls of wisdom which are perhaps too readily dismissed as old fashioned or as “old wives tales”!

Including the old adage “if you can’t get it right, do it the way Mum said”.

Below are some ways, that working the way your Mum suggested, could possibly mean more productivity!

  1. Time Saved: Like your Mum, you should always have a plan B, and C. Gareth Southgate seems to have adopted this and England have finally won a penalty shootout after 22 years of disappointment. In mum’s strategy each plan is tweaked slightly from the previous one, but always give the same result. In England’s case this means winning.  This strategy reduces time lost, resources or money, or at this present time; tears of disappointment.

  2. Location Specialists: Remember; how your Mum always knew where things were placed! Don’t waste time searching for that tool box, your PPE, or your phone. Make small lists. Keep things close by, on hand and ORGANISED!

  3. Think Twice: Do things the smart way, think about yourself and your colleagues, especially if working on site, or as a team member. Mums are always thinking of those around them. Remember to not do things rashly; take your time and do them properly – this will help improve efficiency within your team work and assist in generating positivity.

  4. Just Essentials: Mums tend to reduce goods to just the essentials. Do what the task calls for or what is in the specification requires. Doing the essentials well will ensure you are in the good books with your employer, client and customers alike.

  5. Problem Solving: Ok its not as easy as just adding up, but before calculators, policies, procedures and Health and safety, Mum would quickly solve a problem with logic, mental arithmetic, and still be able to put a “plaster” on it. Simplify things, don’t make it a huge problem, logic goes a long way

  6. Get your Head down: When the housework/shopping/washing needed doing your Mum will have been organised, allocated a time, place and date in advance. Like your mum, be organised and do the job you have been allocated to do. Become engaged in your tasks faster – it doesn’t mean rushing things, it means focusing!

So, it seems you can still learn and gain a lot from your Mum. Dads are also a great source of wisdom which if this blog gains 20 likes or more I will do a blog on.

Acknowledgments: Google/Blog ideas & My Mum