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How do you grab that personal role?

I Can, I Will

Helene Kinsler Permanent placements, Contract

Do you have the determination and tenacity to grab that perfect role?

Determination is the ability to continue trying to do something, although it is difficult
“her ambition and dogged determination ensured that she rose to the top of her profession”

How determined are you in trying to achieve your goals?
We all big ourselves up, either verbally or within our CVs, but do we really know how others perceive us? Not until someone gives us feedback.
With developments within the Political world, should we admire their tenacity and aspire to do the same within our own lives, or perceive them to be arrogant and dismiss their determination?

When receiving applications from candidates, we, as a Recruitment Agency, often see CVs that look amazing; but after speaking to the candidate and reading between the lines, it sometimes becomes apparent that the CV does not seem to match with the person and their experience. This can be especially true after the client has interviewed them and the feedback is somewhat negative.

So, what should we really write on our CVs?

Apart from the obvious (contact details, employment history etc.); are hirers really bothered that our hobbies are crocheting and occasional 5-a-side football?

Our CVs should reflect our experience, qualifications and determination to improve ourselves, either through varied roles and/or qualifications, and the willingness to embrace the role on offer, even if that role could lead to late working or even working from home.

I personally have a 5-year plan, and every year look at my plan to see if I have achieved my previous years aspiration. Its not for everyone, but it works for me. My aspiration could be something as simple as improving my diet, or as difficult as being financially comfortable for my retirement. Not easy, but I am determined to reach my goals.

So in order to grab that perfect role for you in the near future, try to think about 5 things that you would like to achieve within 5 years, (experience, qualifications or relocation), have your CV ready with your relevant experience and qualifications and write a profile summary that reflects, not just your academic qualification, or you career, but your determination and tenacity to improve yourself along the way.

Its not easy to grab that perfect role, as you will not be the only person determined to get it, but with consistent drive and ambition it can be achieved.
Don’t give up, keep trying, and be patient. With tenacity and determination on your part it will happen.


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