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Organise Yourselves

Organise Yourself

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New Year Job Search Organisation

Now you have indulged in the parties and copious amounts of eating and drinking over the festive season, and your New Year resolutions are made; is it time to organise your job search?

Often, whilst we are making resolutions, we think about changing our jobs and either moving or looking for promotions. With that in mind, how often do you forget which roles you have applied for, and where they are? And do you peruse your CV and alter it in any way. It can be a minefield to try to remember and sort. So, I have a couple of tips for you – you may already do these, or you may be able to add some more to the list. It’s always worth getting organised.

My Basic List:

• Look at your CV and update it regularly. A recent CV (less than 12 months old) is always more promising to the employer. Look at buzz words, and latest trends. If you have them, add them.
• Write down the sectors you are interested in; the location (or distance willing to travel) and prospects and personal developments you aspire to.
• Look at the relevant online job boards; local newspapers; and Recruitment Agency websites.
• Express your interest as soon as possible (even if you think that it is a long-shot – you get nothing without trying/asking)
• Write down the roles you have applied for. This could be done using a spreadsheet. Include Company; Role applied for; date applied; Location; Salary (if stated). By doing this, you aren’t in danger of applying for the same role twice.
• Have you had a telephone interview; been invited for an interview; been rejected? Log the date for all of the above, - if an interview is in question make sure you know the time and date, and person who will be interviewing you (if known)

With recruitment agencies, do the same thing – they should already have a record of which roles you have applied for/which you are invited for an interview and any follow up.
Recruitment agencies are a good port of call because they can manage applications on your behalf.

So, I wish you Good Luck; and hope you will consider Wilde Recruitment in assisting you with finding your next exciting role.