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TFN launches £70bn infrastructure plan

High Speed Rail Services

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TFN (Transport for the North) set up in 2018, today launched its plan for a 30-year infrastructure plan that it said could add almost £100bn to the region’s economy.

The Strategic Transport Plan has been written by council leaders, business people and mayors across the Northern region and is anticipated to be approved by the TFN board on February 7. It is then scheduled to go to the government for approval and funding.

The plan £70bn proposed transport upgrade for the north would extend planned high-speed rail services from London to Liverpool and create a new station in Bradford.

The centrepiece of the plan is Northern Powerhouse Rail, a fast rail line from Liverpool to Newcastle which includes upgraded track in some areas and an entirely new line from Leeds to Manchester via Bradford.

It is anticipated that Journey times between the cities will be halved and frequencies increased.

It is understood that the plan also recommends a new, twin-track fast rail link between Liverpool and Manchester and extensive east-west road improvements across the Pennines.

The aim of the plan is to better connect the 16m people in the north so they can access opportunities across the region, and to reduce the north-south economic divide.
It is expected that plan would boost the Northern economy by 15% and at the same time create c850,000 jobs.

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