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Dont Worry, Be Happy


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Its International “Be Happy Day” so lets all go about our business with a smile on our face.

It takes more muscles to frown and be angry than it does to smile, and lets face it there are always things that happen throughout the day that can bring a smile to our faces, and give us the feel good factor; whether it be watching a cat video, singing along to the tunes on the office radio, or even chatting and ribbing our colleagues and friends to keep the atmosphere upbeat.

Couple of ideas to make every day in the office a “Be Happy Day”.

Daily greetings and sharing of funny comments and happenings within our lives
A jokes board, with funny “Dad Jokes” or “cracker old jokes” that are added regularly
Office biscuit and chocolate jar – always a good one to brighten the mood during grey rainy days.

Funny “happy” quotes/jokes:

Life is short, smile whilst you still have teeth.

Avoid fruit and nuts – you are what you eat

I just stepped on a cornflake – now I’m officially a cereal killer

The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap – stay safe, eat cake

My boss told me to have a good day – So I went home

Have a good day